TO THE PERSON WHO STOLE MY BAG WITH ART. We have reported it stolen and we will prosecute if not returned. The art and materials have no value to you. Please return.

Photography from the heart

Photography from the heart, The idea is not that of fashion; but, rather the capture of the escence of the person the human being in front of the camera. Never limited to one style or subject, exploration and experimentation in the darkroom and computer, willing to take risks to achieve a unique, original work of art that builds on the instant passing by. A promise to create not just a portrait but a work of art.

In a sense, I grew up in the photo studio, my life has always been surrounded by photography my interest lies in capturing the escence of the subject wheater it be a piramid, a streetscape or a person. I love sepia toning and black and withe but never limit my tools.

Many tools...One vision

Photography, sculpture, printmaling, poetry, stage design, acting, directing, painting, drawing, performing arts. All of these are some of the tools I have chossen to express myself. I have trained and studied each of the art forms for years to be able to use them without fear. I move from one form to the other, many times combining them in multimedia works of art. My work has been performed and exhibithed in many venues. In art the only limitation should be that set by the artist at the moment of creation, then each work becomes unique and the expression of that instant in time when the creative process stops time. I love the stage, the possibility of three dimentional expression with words, ethos, light, sound, pathos, logos the knowledge of the tools, the movement of actors as clay. I love clay and metal, paper and ink, a simple #2 pencil. A poem.